Trouble Brewing? Clear the air.

There is no discussion about using only clean water. But what about clean air? Many pathogens are transmitted through the air – which can be prevented with the right air purifier.

SteriWhite Air by Dr. Hönle cleans the air without filters but with the help of UV-light rays and thus ensures up to 90% less infections. That’s a bold announcement.

Our campaign is just as bold. Firstly, because it is eye-catching and daring and plays cleverly with current events where trouble seems to be brewing.

Secondly, because it is visible in large and small media, widely spread from magazines and daily newspapers to social media and DOOH. Meaning: from the huge German Newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” to the famous magazine “Der Spiegel” or to LinkedIn and onto the streets of the cities. If trouble’s brewing, you’d want to clear the air.