SPEAKUP - Breaking the silence

One out of every seven women* in Germany experienced punishable sexual violence in her lifetime, that’s about 5.5 million! Half of the affected women* remain silent about their experiences. Because discussing sexual violence is a taboo subject. Unfortunately, silence protects the offenders and not the women*.

To give affected women*, who don’t want to talk about their personal experiences, a voice and to raise awareness for the true extent of sexual violence in Germany, we brought the SPEAKUP-Movement for the Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf to life.

Women* tell their true stories in several social media posts and break the silence. (DoP: Chris Hirschhäuser, Edit: Sevgi Hirschhäuser, Animation: Bastian Götz-Evers).

The shocking experiences are accompanied by disturbing illustrations, which visualize the words on the women*’s lips (Illustration: Sophia Maayan Weisstub, Matthias Voll). With the women* speaking up, we’re shaking up the whole society!

In addition to the social media posts we created the sustainable SPEAKUP-fashion statement in cooperation with a local fashion label from Munich. With these fashion items, people take the message to the streets: Speak up about sexual violence and its true extent in our society.

We also developed a landingpage which bundles all information about the movement including interviews of affected women* and the Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf.

Find more on speakupmovement.de – and raise your voice with us!