Small world, big cinema

Accord Healthcare, based in Munich, was founded only 10 years ago. Much has been achieved in these years: the company is now one of the top 15 suppliers of off-patent medicines in Germany. Within the therapeutic areas of oncology and haematology, the company even ranks among the top three generics companies. But beyond all the figures, what does Accord stand for at its core? Our film manifesto provides clarity.

The image film revolves around the company’s great drive – to make good things even better. To do this, we intelligently adapted the miniature world from the global campaign for the German market – and at the same time interpreted it in a completely new way. With the help of the so-called tilt shift optics, scenes with real people suddenly appear in miniature optics. Therefor matching the miniature world of the global campaign, but with a new twist.

Also in line with the global campaign, we showcase the biggest milestones in a completely animated spot produced by us and our partners. This makes it possible to breathe life into the 3D figures. In animating them, we lift the world of miniature figures, previously only used in print, to a more emotional level and create a stage for them to put them in the light in a new way.

It’s great when we, together with our clients, can take something already existing, transform it and emotionally take it to another level.