Sustainable asthetics

Our age is concerned with big questions: What will happen to us and our earth? Do we have a just society? What can we do to change for the better? These among many other questions are also on the minds of our customers, such as Charmant the sixth largest eyewear manufacturer in the world.

To set an example in the market, the company has launched GEO Eyewear, a brand that is sustainable and inclusive. The sustainability shows in different levels such as sustainable supply-chains, eco-friendly materials and uncompromising product-quality which ensures longevity. The collection is designed to fit people of all genders, ages or ethnicities – for an affordable price.

Our task: Make this sustainability and inclusivity visible in an international launch campaign. Our idea: “For all. For earth.” To represent inclusivity, we created a series of minimalist illustrations focusing on the essential: people – without distinction of gender, age or ethnic origin. We paired the illustrations with slightly provocative questions, speaking directly to the viewers. Encouraging them to think about doing their part for making the world a better place.

We embraced the aspect of sustainability with sustainable materials such as uncoated natural paper, wood and wire for POS kits. A series of campaign visuals as well as an image film for digital channels complete our communication package.