The Golden Capsule for Mental Strength

One in two people in Germany describes their life as stressful and constantly feels pressured and exhausted. TALASAR helps people with fatigue syndrome find their way back to mental strength — thanks to saffron, the „oriental gold.“ Inspired by the mood-lifting effect and the high-quality ingredient saffron, we’ve developed a fresh visual presentation and a striking term that will stay in people’s heads and hearts.

The „golden capsule“ conveys all the positive features of saffron and is totally differentiating and easy to remember. This, in turn causes people to ask for TALASAR at the pharmacy.

To communicate with patients, our golden capsule campaign appears in form of printed adverts and advertorials in Germany’s most published magazine „Apotheken Umschau“, as well as in out-of-home advertising, flyers and social media. We convince healthcare professionals of the golden capsule‘s unique benefits with folders as well as communication and presentation at fairs.