Making the big difference, together

The expopharm is the largest pharmaceutical trade fair in Europe. Makes sense that a big player in the market is joining. Accord Healthcare is one of the top 15 suppliers of off-patent medicines in Germany.

Accord’s international campaign features miniature figures. To adapt this campaign for trade fairs and to take it to another level, we developed a giant pillbox. Standing next to it or even having their picture taken in the blister, visitors become miniature figures themselves, which creates a whole new brand experience for Accord Healthcare.

The pillbox offers space on the back for the various product worlds from generics, biosimilars or digital applications. Inside the gigantic box is storage space for trade fair materials.

But there is more: Next to the pillbox, we stage insights into Accord‘s success story. These glimpses play with the Accord miniature world. You can discover Accord’s milestones over ten years behind peepholes. Some of which are moving or staged with light spectacles. Highly exciting details that once again connects the trade fair visitor with the brand Accord in an interactive way.