Love Is …

It’s pictures that warm the heart — images of intimate moments between parent and child, faces close together. Smiling, laughing images full of warmth. However, the words in the background are hard to bear.

„This is what children’s hospice work is like,“ says Sabine Kraft. The new campaign „Love is,“ which we’ve developed on behalf of the German Association of Children’s Hospices and ICPCN (International Children’s Palliative Care Network) for the celebration of love, touches the core of working with families with a terminally ill child. „Children’s hospice work is not just about death,“ says Kraft, „it’s about life. It’s about filling the remaining time with love and happiness, no matter how long it is.“

The campaign is shown nationwide in Germany and internationally in daily newspapers and magazines, as well as on TV, radio and social media. After only a few days, over 150,000 people were reached via social media and a massive reach was generated through TV. The campaign is now shown internationally thanks to this success.