Beauty is dependent on many factors: good nutrition, mental well-being and, of course, high-quality skin care. A4 HEALTH & BEAUTY offers a large variety of products and services for all of these categories, from the “Power Emotions” blog and “Well Food” to face yoga and the beauty skin care range. The skin care range is comprised of the A4 IMPULSE® Beauty Drink and the cosmetics collection A4 COSMETICS.

On behalf of A4 HEALTH & BEAUTY, we’re developing an umbrella branding concept and revising the corporate Identity, which gets its strength from the strong branding. We took the orange “A” and chose it as the leading brand element that encompasses all communication media and can also be used for the A4 COSMETICS and A4 IMPULSE® Beauty Drink sub-brands.

We are emotionalizing comprehensive care from inside and outside in the umbrella branding communication and on the product level. The eye-catching communication concept appears in online media as well as in numerous popular magazines all over Germany.