Keep your eyes open: we convinced our client in an international pitch with our new concept “The original. For originals.” for the new eyewear brand Minamoto.

Following the brand name Minamoto (Japanese for origin), our campaign focuses on the brand’s Japanese origin and brings the world of Japan to life.

Julia Berger, senior marketing manager for Northern, Eastern and Western Europe, explains: “Our products stand out through a minimalistic design approach. They are originals from Japan, made out of Japanese titanium with an unsurpassed production quality. These great qualities are also reflected in the creative concept.“

Our communicative approach is fundamentally different from those of other eyewear producers because it is not the eyewear, which is usually presented by models, that plays the main role – the main focus lies on the creation of an independent brand world with an exciting atmosphere.

The heart of our campaign is, available in four different languages. The website presents the image film in various languages, as well as the collections and the history behind Minamoto.

Because we’ve been involved in the brand development process since the beginning, we also had the opportunity to develop the brand claim and and the corporate design alongside the positioning – an extremely exciting task with a wonderful team at Charmant!