The questions “Who are we?” – “What makes us different from everyone else?” -“Why should people care about what we do?” – “What is the core of our brand?” are the most important  questions in the branding process. Together with Helixor Heilmittel, we found the answers during our brand core Workshop.

These answers were the basis for the further development of the Helixor corporate identity. The new CI is simultaneously based on  humanity and the evidence based science that separates Helixor from the rest. Human lines, lively drawings and emotional visuals contrast a neutral gray tone and scientific depictions.

The idea of giving the brand an emotional charge and making it more personal and approachable without losing its scientific credibility is preserved throughout the entire brand presentation, especially in the advertising materials for expert groups, whether for misteltoe therapy or helleborus therapy.

In the communication for patients and their relatives, even more focus is put on human welfare. After all, Helixor Heilmittel’s claim is giving life back to life. People with cancer should be able to feel this, whether through the company’s brochure, website or flyers.