Diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) is a serious secondary disease of diabetes which is often overlooked. In Germany, around 250,000 of 7 million diabetics suffer from DFS. Every year, this disease leads to 40,000 cases of amputation, which often result in death. Foot screening is the most effective preventive measure to avoid DFS and the resulting amputations.

Our campaign visual showcases a foot and a face as part of a so-called ambiguous image. The surprising thing is: The world-famous “World Diabetes Day”-logo serves as the eye of the face. It reminds affected people and their families that diabetics should have their feet checked regularly by a medical doctor.

Because many diabetics don’t face their disease resolutely and fail to go for regular medical examinations, we‘ve applied the campaign in out-of-home media as well as in in doctors’ offices. By these means, we were also able to draw more attention to this topic in the public.